A direct marketing event concept & visual identity.


As a final project for a marketing class at VOŠ Scholastika (The Scholastika college), me and my team had the task of creating a direct marketing event. Our objective was to showcase The Scholastika College as a vibrant and creative community that is highly desirable for collaboration.

Let’s stick together


concept creation
web design
visual identity


VOŠ Scholastika



Scholastika means community and cooperation

We saw The Scholastika College as an environment that connects creativity, art and design. The school community is based on cooperation between students of various fields (graphic, product and motion design), and partners like design studios, printing companies, industrial workshops etc. The concept „Let’s stick together“ emphasizes the mutually beneficial cooperation between students and partners for the realization of their visions.


photography credits: VOŠ Schoalastika

In addition to creating the concept, I have created a portfolio template that would showcase the works of each student of The Scholastika College. The aim of this shared portfolio is to show students’ work in full display. Show the potential partners realistic samples of students works so that they can better imagine the form of cooperation.

Shards of The Scholastika College: figuratively and literally

Every designer needs a partner. Whether it is another designer, a skilled craftsman, a manufacturer or a software provider. We depend on the work of others.

Figuratively speaking, we are fragments, whether of a broken plate or torn paper, which cannot form a functioning whole without each other. The idea of fragments and their connections represents cooperation between students on The Scholastika College and the partners.


Design of invitations that invite to an exhibition of students’ works — a direct marketing event where potential partners can see students’ works, attend a special performance and talk with students regarding joint cooperation.

Super glue was also included alongside the invitation. It serves as a complement to the event concept „Let’s stick together“ and at the same time it is linked to the performance that the guests would have seen at the student exhibition.


As part of the task, we proposed a promotion strategy, created a promotional video, designed an event program and a special event performance and exhibition, including a partner gift.